Your trees are our specialty, which is why you can always count on the superior quality of our service.

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We go out on a limb for you!

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We are fully insured servicing the Appleton, Greenbay and Surrounding Areas.

Give us a call. We'll get the process in motion for you as quickly and efficiently as possible, because your time is valuable to us.

Your trees are our specialty, and we want them to flourish and thrive in your landscape for as long as they possibly can. That's why we offer such extensive and precise services for their care. You can trust us to maintain the natural shape of the canopy during our trimming and pruning process, so the aesthetic appeal of your yard remains perfectly intact. We respect the integrity and health of your trees, so we never use tree spikes, which leave open wounds. Rest assured that our training and extensive knowledge will result in the gentlest care for your trees and the lovely landscape that you've been dreaming about.

Unique and specialized tree care

 -  Professional pruning

 -  Tree trimming

 -  Cable briefing

 -  Shaping and thinning

 -  Crown reductions

Tree maintenance programs

Let us customize your tree maintenance experience by designing a program just for you. Your property should be personalized for your family's lifestyle and tastes while your trees get the individualized care that they deserve. You can rely on us to make it all happen.

Comprehensive care for your trees


We can safely remove limbs that are over houses, garages, fences, wires or any other objects. When removing or trimming a tree we use ropes to move branches over objects to insure that they reach the ground safely and without damaging property. When trimming or pruning, dead or live branches out of your trees, we maintain the natural shape of the canopy. While trimming your trees we do it without tree spikes to insure the tree stays healthy by limiting the amount of open wounds. We believe a well maintained tree is a healthy tree. A healthy tree that is pruned properly will have a better chance of weathering storms, reducing the chance of damage and the need for expensive emergency services. Preventative tree maintenance could save you thousands of dollars in house repairs and insurance premiums. Making an investment in your trees now could have huge rewards when selling your property or when a storm rolls in.    Our specialist will provide tree care at the correct time of year for each type of tree and can help you detect problems that may occur in the future.  

Tree trimming and pruning