Your trees are our specialty, which is why you can always count on the superior quality of our service.

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We go out on a limb for you!

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Call (920)-268-6622

We are fully insured servicing the Appleton, Greenbay and Surrounding Areas.


Since we're family owned and operated, we insist on treating you like one of our own. Get the personal service you'd expect from people who truly care.

Most damage to property during severe weather events occurs due to falling trees and limbs. There are some basic procedures that can help reduce the risk of damage. Consciously Fresh Tree Service can inspect for defects and conditions that could predispose your trees to failure.

Protect your trees and property from severe storms

We make sure that all procedures and inspections including climbing inspections or an analysis of decay that may be present int he branches, stems, or roots.

Treatments and remedies

Trees provide beauty and add value to your property so removal should only be considered where high-risk conditions exist that cannot be effectively mitigated. Consciously Fresh Tree Service may recommend appropriate treatments such as pruning, installation of supportive cables or braces, and even lightning protection systems.

Tree structure evaulation